For those of you who rely on Waze to avoid speeding tickets, you may have to change your strategy.

Beginning Jan. 4, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Pennsylvania Turnpike will begin a 60-day pilot program to formally test what’s called the Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement program. The program is designed to cause drivers to slow down in construction areas by setting up speed monitoring equipment in work areas.

If the monitors detect someone going more than 11 miles an hour over the speed limit, the motorist will receive a notice by mail with a warning for the first violation, followed by a $75 fine for a second offense and $150 for each future ticket.

We’re not giving the State Police any suggestions, but if that program works, wouldn’t it make sense to install speed cameras on all PA highways rather than rely on PSP manpower?

We’re thinking it may be time to buy some of those self-driving cars we’ve been reading about.…/PennDOT…/stories/201912250012
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  1. December 29, 2019


    • January 3, 2020

      It’s a pilot project but I’d be very surprised if you didn’t see speed cameras throughout Pennsylvania. China already has a program that uses facial identification software to send citations to people who walk across the street when there’s a Do Not Walk sign. I get the effectiveness of all of this but I still find it unsettling. ~Jerry Geiger

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